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Empowering Knowledge Workers to
Unite, Visualize, and Analyze Healthcare Data
Tuesday, December 4, 2018
2:00pm ET; 11:00am PT
60 minutes
The healthcare ecosystem is undergoing fundamental transformation, as payers and providers align to drive lower costs, better outcomes and improved population health within defined populations.

New business models are emerging which place an emphasis on tighter collaboration and coordination across a continuum of health and community-based services, to address the holistic needs of individuals in a more timely and proactive manner. Integral to such initiatives is the ability to unify trusted data from an array of disparate sources for subsequent visualization and analysis by knowledge workers looking to drive timely, actionable insights on a self-service basis.

CMA has selected Tableau to facilitate the data visualization capabilities embedded in its Mosaic Insights solution, which includes intellectual property used in the development of New York State’s Medicaid Analytics and Performance Portal facilitating transformation of the State’s $68 Billion per year Medicaid Program.

Join Tableau and CMA for a webinar on December 4th to learn more about:
  • Visual Analytics in support of NYS – Medicaid Reform
  • Tableau’s role as an accelerator within CMA’s Mosaic Insights solution
CMA’s Mosaic Insights couples an integrated set of best-of breed technologies to optimize the: movement of data and data structures from legacy source systems to a common environment that acts as a catalogue for curated data sets; management and governance of the curated data, and; ability for authorized knowledge workers to provision, visualize and analyze data within a secure, virtual desktop environment.

Register today and learn how to optimize your healthcare analytics with Tableau and CMA.
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